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i'm sorry man, but unless you're looking up the original explorer/surveyor that plotted that road you take to work, or the path you tracked, and paying his/her remaining family for the privilige, this is bogus.

you go, you ride, you track. it's YOUR TRACK, do to with whatever you like. if you are fancy enough a marketer to actually SELL IT, more power to ya, i'm all for making a buck or three.
1) That would be true if some other person actually pioneered that 2,500 mile route but no one did. Sam did, I did, or Hog Wild did ours first. Just like patients, all the element existed but the inventor was first to put them all together.

2) Yes that is true and we all love it, but not the issue.

This thread is about people buying the right to use a track once then posting it on the internet. What made this country better than any other in the world is that it was based on your reward was for your hard work. The Pilgrims tried sharing the benefit of other's work and it failed in one year and they reverted to classic reap your own rewards. Sadly about 45% of us now want everything without doing any work to get it.

Theft of someone else's work is theft with no way to rationalize it away except in the minds of thieves.

If I were Sam I would require a standard business non-disclosure agreement with each sale so if someone posted it on the internet he could sue for financial loss.
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