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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
The other class of Tracks are those that were developed by someone for commercial purpose. Posting tracks that a promoter provided for a fee and he made it clear they are proprietary and only provided for one time use and not public domain is no different than stealing any other piece of intellectual property.
Every book publisher in the world wishes that were true!

In Sam's case he published his work. People bought it. And just like a book, when they are done they can pass it along to their friends. How many folks have ever done the TAT more than once? Ever bought a paperback that both you and your wife read? It is not out of the realm of possibility that Sams published work could end up in a library with millions of other published works, available to check out for a month at a time.

You OTOH haven't published your tracks. So they will stay a secret - until they aren't. I don't see how you can keep them a secret for long. You sure no one who's ever taken your trip hasn't had a second gps or smartphone somewhere? How do you know someone isn't leading their friends on your route this minute? Even if you knew, what are your options? There are a number of ways between Gerlach and the Oregon border. How different does the track have to be before it isn't yours? If they publish their adventure, including the tracks and call it My Great North American Adventure, will you ever know? I suspect there are a lot more adventure riders that don't hang out here than do.

In the TAT case, even years ago a simple google search would turn up most of the info. If gpskevin had labeled his web pages something like Kevin's Coast to Coast Adventure we may never have this discussion.

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