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Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
Every book publisher in the world wishes that were true!
If you were to re-type each chapter from a book, turn that into a PDF file, and post it on the internet, you would be in violation of the law. That's a derived copy. Even if you make a bunch of typo mistakes or change a few words that result in your "copy" being somewhat different, it's still a derived copy that you don't own the rights to. All the words (roads) in the dictionary are free for everyone to use. But put them in the same order that an original book author did, and publish that for others to read for free, then you're in the wrong.

Or how about taking a video recorder into a movie theater, making a video copy of the movie, then posting that on the internet? If you do that, you're in the wrong. If you knowingly view such a copy, you're stealing from the original creators.

Clearly Sam would rather be out riding that chasing down every scumbag thief, so it's easy to get away with it. But just because you can get away with it does not make it morally ok. Clearly the tracks, maps, or roll charts and the "TAT experience" are worth something to all those who ride TAT, otherwise they would be out doing some OTHER ride. And since Sam asks to be paid for his hard work, why would anyone feel it's ok to copy it and/or skip out on paying?

Like Countdown said, some people want everything for free, or want someone else to pay. They have no respect for the hard work of others. That's why I protect my most precious creations so strongly, and significantly limit who gets "in". It hurts other riders because they will never have the opportunity to experience some of the most unique rides around. Lots of good honest people miss out because there are so many scumbags around.
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