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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post

All true except only one person can read a book at one time, much different than posting an electronic version of the book in the Internet so thousands of people can read it at one time.
Exactly right and just what I said in my post above.

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Also much different if Sam sold it with the agreement that it was for one time use only by the purchaser.
Not. You can't limit someone's property rights just because you don't like what they might do with them. Completely unenforceable. Can you imagine Barnes & Noble only selling you a book if you agreed to destroy it after you read it?

Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Unless you know for sure something is in the public domain it should not be reproduced in any form without the expressed permission of the National Football League. Sound familiar?
NFL games are performances and they are copyrighted. No, you shouldn't record the game and put it on YouTube. But you can talk about the game in as much detail and depth as you wish with whomever you wish. You can even teach your Pop Warner team the same plays and run them on Friday afternoon.

Just like the folks who bought Sam's route instructions. When they are done with them they have every right to pass them on as they see fit. No, not scanning all the materials and putting them on the net.

I'm done here, this is silly.
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