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Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
You can't limit someone's property rights just because you don't like what they might do with them. Completely unenforceable.
Sure you can. Garmin does with every current map they sell. You're not allowed to post their maps or derived copies of their maps on the internet. And you're not allowed to load their maps onto an unlimited number of GPS units. A Garmin map is basically a mega elaborate set of tracks. I don't think Garmin would come after you if you posted a couple of city blocks from their map, but if you publish a significant portion of the total map data, you're clearly in the wrong. Publishing or using a significant portion of TAT without permission is wrong too. Sam may not be able to enforce this very well, but that doesn't make it ok. Is that the attitude, "if I can get away with it, then it's ok"? Is hurting Sam ok?

Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
Can you imagine Barnes & Noble only selling you a book if you agreed to destroy it after you read it?
That's exactly what I do, and so far it's working great. This is what my roadbooks have at the very beginning:

Terms of Use:
As a condition of accepting this roadbook and corresponding map, user agrees to the following: Roadbook and map are provided as short-term rentals only. They are not for sale, and remain the property of Scott Whitney. Copying or other reproduction is strictly prohibited. User agrees to not record or allow others following along to record any GPS tracks while following the roadbook. A GPS track recorded while following the roadbook is considered a derived copy of the roadbook, and is therefore prohibited. The roadbook and map are for one-time rental use only, by one individual per paper copy, and must be returned or destroyed immediately after first use. Distribution, sharing, or publication of roadbook, map, or derived GPS tracks via email, internet, or other means is prohibited. Copyright 2014
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