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Sam has had a good run and will continue to do so. The problem is the motorcycle community enjoys riding an sharing that enjoyment with others. Most of us are willing to share what we enjoy with others freely. There are a few that have chosen to make sharing the fun a business. That's fine and I have no problem with that. But as a business it is there responsibility to protect it. It appears the only way this can be done is by name calling and promoting the idea if you don't pay them you are not a good person. This works to degree and will assure them of future business. Which is also fine.

When you purchase the routes/tracks you have no assurance that the route can be completed as purchased. It is up to you to reroute. There may be changes that are unforseen by the provider. So what are you paying for? For a route that can not be ridden? How much of a route that can not be followed is required for a refund? There is no reasonable expectation that the route can be completed as purchased. When I buy a product there is a reasonable expectation that I get what I pay for. With this you are paying handsomely for a maybe. When a fellow rider shares a route/track there is no expectation other than to give it a try.

But adventurers we don't seem to care. It is part of the adventure. This is the way it is. It should be different when you are paying for it.
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