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Finally I am able to have some time to write sth... Last few days have been hectic for me, missed sleep since Thursday to prepare everything for the race.

Day 0 was amazing, my first time in the Rally, and everything is perfect here. From the huge hotel with the swimming pool, the restaurant which lets you eat all that you want for 10 Euros, to the orga who is invisible, and I meant that in the good way. You only see them when you need them that is.

So, we set up our tent with the bikes and the equipment

Then I was round and about to find the riders that run our equipment to fully support them and update Duncan Ure's rb so that he has the latest updates in his unit. Very nice person, smiling all the time. I wish him good luck to the race, he had an accident earlier this year and missed Albania Rally too, (hurt his back). Fully recovered now, but during these hot, tough days the limit will be reached. (Although from the weather reports, rain is coming soon here...)

Duncan is supported by DRR, they run Roger Hawkins as well, who by the way has his birthday today and currently running 22nd in the overall after SS2,

I also met Corradini, a rally figure indeed, he is also one of the riders I support. Bianchi Prata is the third rider we have to support, so let's see what happens to the guy that is currently 2nd in the GS and yesterday he installed the Mk1 and all the new redundant switches on his bike.

The cherry in the ice cake was that Laia Sanz is here to follow the rally for some days. She is THE girl.

Guillaume Martens, another friend who goes all over the world rallying and he is accepted to Dakar 2015 showed me how it's done >>

Live tracking is here:

Starting list Leg 2

SS2 results

And the legendary Patsy

Impressive fairing work on a bike that the weight is kept to a minimum with the rider wearing titanium collarbones to assist

Alessio, with his roadbook on fire
The work on his KTM is very impressive, the bike is far more agile and easy to ride than the original

Again Alessio

The only Greek rider in the race,

Later today I will upload more photos as the laptop is getting progressively hot with the high temps, and I have either to switch is off or take it to the pool with me ...
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