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Another troll from the Church of BMW ????

Maybe he should take a month and read through the Strikng Viking's ride
reports to check out just how many thing broke on his F650GS Dakar?
Tough conditions but a lot of down time nonetheless.

I know the DR650 holds up better in similar conditions. Even an 8 year old one. I think the Viking's bike was an '03?

But the DL650, well it ain't going off road with the Dakar or DR but its tough as hell and will outlast them both by double in road or bad road use. Bank on it.

Most singles that have had any sort of hard use, even if very well maintained
will need motor work by "around" 60,000 miles.

The Wee V will go over 100,000 easy, as does the DL1000. (See Louis in
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