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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So my bike could be 2" taller?!?

Arch, it was my understanding that the WP suspension could be upgraded to suit the rider and their style practically 'without limit'. If a top shelf mountain bike suspension can be setup to absorb 60' drops (I assume or an MX suspension), then ours should be able to be resprung/revalved to accomodate much without bottoming out.

Perhaps I read your post wrong?
I'm sure the shocks can be made to work shorter, but this ain't about the shock. As with lowering links, a shorter shock changes where your linkage thinks the wheel is in its travel. Remember that it isn't linear. All I know is that on mine, the suspension was more willing to compress with the lowering links in place. I adjusted the shock to fight it, but the thing never felt the same. Always felt like I was into its travel, if that makes any sense. Not horribly so, but I wanted to stop the knobs ripping into the bike's undersides anyway, so I went back to stock.

Again, with dual-sporty tires like stock Saharas, it's probably no worries. Ditto on the rear suspension's travel. For a 90/10 street/dirt LC4, it's probably no worries. I rarely even ride mine outside of the rough stuff, though, so I want all the travel it was built with.
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