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Testing the Emig Racing clamps & stabilizer!

Well, I finally finished up my bike. I'm running a little late but the weather was crappy and I was busy with work. The weather has cleared somewhat and the bike is on the road!

Unbelievable! Is the word that first comes to mind! The bike handles much, MUCH better! One hand on the bars at any time and at any speed is doable. It wasn't before! Even stock. After lowering my S to fit me better, I had a slow speed wobble. As you may have read in this thread or in another, I had Factory Connection rebuild and lower my forks 1". I had raised the forks in the trees initially lower the bike. FC lowered the forks 1" so, it's higher now than it was when the forks were raised. Now, my bike is just 1" lower in the front, than a stock 950 Adventure S. Factory Connection also swapped in .50kg springs for my stock S springs. The Emig clamps are the main reason the bike handles better but the FC springs complete the total effect. The bike is still high, but I have also just purchased a new 'Gel' seat, so it's very managable for me. I can almost flat-foot the bike now! The new seat needs glued and stapled, because I just swapped my orange S cover onto it. I'm very happy with all of the modifications.

Ok, back to the handling. The Emig 20mm offset clamps are very nice. They add a great deal of stability to the bike just as Gary Emig told me they would. The ER Revolution II steering stabilzer is awesome. I keep it on 5 for regular street duty. Because of the heavier fork springs the front feels very solid in all situations now. Before the modifications the forks would bounce and the front felt loose to me. Like it would washout easily. It felt like this even at slow speed! I now, seriously believe the stock springs are just too soft. Of course, for off-road use they may be perfect. It's all a compromise but... I use it mostly on the street and gravel roads, for now! We'll see what happens later. I know one thing! She's totally opposite from stock and I like it this way! I took a short 70 mile trip on Tuesday and then came back today. Excellent twisties on Rt. 7 from Pentress, WV to New Martinsville, WV and I then did a little 4-lane highway up Rt. 2 to Moundsville. The bike is solid and planted firmly now.

It looks killer too! I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

S Won
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