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2006 640 fuelling ish

Wow, this first post thing feels good. i just picked up a new 640 adv. in march, and love it. after riding a klr for 10 years, its a shock to have not bought the ktm earlier. However, right from day one the bike when left to idle for 20sec to a minute, like at a stop light, would hesitate and sometimes stall when light throttle was applied, like leaving the light. So i figured the bitch was just choked down. During the first service I opened the airbox with a cover like the ktm jobby, re- jetted to a 157.5, which will change to a 160 as i found a lean condition after the plug was checked, raised the needle one clip, drilled slide holes to .117 and hogged out the stock exhaust. The bike starts and idles fine, and under way there is a dramatic improvement over stock, but the stalling problem still persists, if anything it is worse. Next, i turned up a mixture screw like loadeds and played with it. Got a smooth idle, but it did nothing for the problem. So, is it the float level? the bike works awesome. Is it the pilot jet? Do I need to go up size? Any help would be awesome, thanks
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