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Originally Posted by shardzero
The bike is designed to run with the emission control installed so I would try less drastic measures first. Here in Aus we have issues with fuel quality. Basically results in certain fuels making my bike run like a pig. Maybe try several servos and even a fuel additive.
Have you looked over the tubing system that KTM installed with the charcoal cannister?

It's helter-skelter at best; and quite a few have had issues with it becoming pinched, likely due to it's factory routing, or when the bike is on it's side the charcoal cannister fills with fuel -both problems interfere with operation.

There has been no posts (save yours) that counciled to leave the charcoal cannister in place. There is, however, a difference of opinion in regards to the SAS system. Although I don't have experience with this (not part of the 2003 models), some say it excessively leans out the mixture under deceleration, causing popping, whereas others say it's no big deal. Probably relates to bike setup.
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