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Originally Posted by 98rxcmi
Can someone tell me how many bars on the temp guage you see when the fan kicks on. Mine got 2 bars from the top and it never came on. The red light never came on...but I was too chicken to let it go any higher. I jumped the switch with a short section of wire and the fan works so it has to be the switch.

My fan comes on after the fifth (194F) bar has lit and just before the sixth (212F) bar lights... so depending on which you believe to be accurate, the thermo switch (185F switch point) that turns the fan on, or the bar temperature indicator, my thermo switch is about 10 degrees late, or the indicator is 10 degrees early.
Either way, it's proven to be all fairly consistant in it's inaccuracy, and I've never seen the seventh (230F) bar light up, nor have I had the radiator cap open (248F) to release pressure.

Since switching to a 50/50 mixture rather than the 60/40 mix of antifreeze and water about 15 months ago, I think the bike runs a bit cooler, as it very rarely runs above the fourth (176F) bar anymore.

So... how's tricks?
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