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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck
Hey Drif 10 , how many bars were showing when your fan finally kicked on? What about on your 03 meat? It would be kinda nice to see what the average fan kickon guage reading is, I think 98 RXCMI is looking to see if his functioning properly by comparing to other results . I'll let mine go up to 6 to see if she kicks on, if not I guess I'll wire in a switch. Like Creeper says there is a 10 degree discrep. and probably the guages that read a steady 3 bars as normal operating temp kick the fan at 5 bars and the ones that run at 4 kick at 6 bars.
It's been awhile since I checked or had it come on, but I think mine was operating as the manual showed - it should be on by 5 bars. Of course I have no idea if your bike's temp display works the same way as my model. So I don't think an average 'fan on' temp display reading would be appropriate.

Here is the 03s factory calibration from the owner's manual:
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