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No, bubble bursting here! I like it better! The bike handles better, because the low speed wobble is gone. Just like Gary Emig said it would be! He actually told me, that I wouldn't need to lower the bike and I could keep the forks raised up in the trees. I was going to replace the front springs anyway, and the lowering was just $25, so I did it! The offset increases the rake which also increases the trail. It makes the bike more stable because of the increased trail. The bike does not turn in as fast as it did stock. That's a given. It's also limited by the 21" wheel and dualsport tires.

Sure, I lowered the bike. I'm of just average height 5' 10". I'm glad I'm not a freak of nature like some of you guys. I can find normal sized shoes and clothes wherever I go! My brother in law is 6' 3" and has a size 15 shoe. You don't want to have that problem.

I know the bike is better overall! The steering stabilizer makes handling on the street much better. I usually have it set on just 5. When I hit gravel or dirt I turn it up to 13. Overall, the bike is very stable and it still turns in nice. Before the mods the bike wallowed in the turns. It felt light in the front and as though the front could washout at anytime. It bounced so badly on uneven pavement, that I had to keep my speed down in the turns.

It was worth every penny of the $950 I paid for the Emig Racing parts! I would never go back to the way it was. In fact, I'm selling the stock 950 parts! As for the lowering. It's much better than before but it's only 1" lower than it was stock. The Eibach spring on the rear WP shock is also much better than the stock spring. I sold that spring to one of the non-S owners here that S-ed is bike. My front S springs are on eBay right now. They are the last of my S parts. Factory Connection did a wonderful job and knew exactly what I needed even if I didn't. I told them I wanted .52kg springs in the forks. They put in .50kg springs and they were right. It's perfect now! I have $1650 in the Factory Connection front & rear suspensions and the Emig trees & steering stabilizer. I'm very happy with spending that money, where I did. The bike fits me better and handles better. Don't knock it until you try it!

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