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I re-read the thread and yes, I believe I had it backwards. I was only reporting what Gary told me but perhaps I was confused with his explaination. It happens! My understanding of it was that the bottom of the clamp kicked out the forks 2mm and increased the rake and trail. Apparently, that is not the case. I actually asked him about this and that's what he told me. Anyway, my bike was only lowered 1" in the front. The back however, was lowered a bit more than that. My headlight actually points skyward now. I rarely ride at night, you'll become a corpes doing that here, so it's not an issue for me! So, I believe overall I have changed the trail somewhat, and my bike has more trail, even with the 2mm offset change!

As I said, the bike feels better (to me) and handles much better than stock. The wobble that I created by raising the forks is completely gone. One hand on the bars at any speed is now possible. It NEVER was possible before the changes, even stock! If it isn't as stable as it was before the 2mm change then the wobble should still be present. When I first did the trees, I had the forks raised and there was no wobble. Of course the forks were lowered 1" so maybe that made a difference. I have no idea, I am not an expert at any of this obviously! I rely on others and expect them to tell me the truth, when I question them about their parts. The more I deal with aftermarket companies, the more I find people are just trying to make a quick buck! I have a garage full of Harley/Buell parts because of someone trying to make a buck! "Sure our frame will work with your parts!" Yeah, Right!

My Revolution II stabilizer has NO dead spot whatsoever in it.

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