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I am reasonably confident the bike would perform better in really soft, heavy conditions like deep sand and wet mud w/20mm offset, my sole reservation is the durability of the Emig damper.

I know from personal experience how bombproof reliable the Scotts/Ohlins damper is, I also know from personal experience how unreliable some others like the GPR and in road cylindrical damper world, the Hyperpro can be. Now seeing a couple of respondants to this thread have noted their Emig damper blew a seal, I'm even more reticent. Customer service is swell and all but if my damper blows up in the middle of deep sand in Guatamala, it's not going to be an easy or fun trip home even if Emig apologizes for the failure and replaces the unit under warranty. Warranties mean didley to me, I just want reliable.

The simple truth of matter is that this is EXACTLY my kind of riding with this bike. It's been to Yukatan 3 times and I'm heading for Guatamala shortly. If somebody, ANYBODY could come up with a way to under-bar mount a Scotts damper w/20mm offset I would pay almost any price. If not, I'll likely get the 18mm Scotts kit unless somebody can REALLY convince me the Emig damper is as bombproof reliable as the Scotts. FWIW: I would also have preferred Emig offer a less "bling" finish on their products. The shiny "look what I got!!" finishes are the very thing that atracts bike theives, especially in regions these bikes are intended to be ridden. What's wrong with mat grey? Take care.
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