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Originally Posted by pitbull doug
Well just got my 06 adv last week happy as can be,until I thought Id try changing the main jet.

Ive read many threads on this topic thought it would be pretty easy,wrong! Ive changed jets etc on my 525mxc and my 300exc no brainer. I knew from threads it was a little pain in the ass,but what a nightmare.

Can anyone refer me to a specific thread on the best way to access the bst40. I took back airboot to airbox out still couldnt get that SOB free so than loosened the sub frame to access better,had to take my pipe off etc to pivot subframe. Got to be a easier way?.

Now Im having a problem returning subframe to mainframe by the top two bolts where the rubber tank pads are which one ripped to add to my misery. The problem is the two flanges on sub frame should seat to the outside of flanges on main frame,but the flange on the right is butting in line with the one on the main frame making not possible to go back to proper position. Any tricks getting that subframe flanges spreading them to return over mainframe flange?. In theory it should just pivot right back!

Any help would be great.
Thanks Doug
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First off, why did you want to remove the carb? To access the main jet you simply use a stubby or 90 degree screwdriver to open the cap on the bottom of the carb (drain the bowl first and shutoff the gas eh? ). The main jet sits just inside casually awaiting quick changes.

To access the other parts of the carb that are generally well accepted as standard mods you simply remove the tank (close the petcock and the crossover valves (x2) first eh? ) and the top of the carb is awaiting your tool. The slide and jet needle are sitting just under the diaphram. Like you wife has probably said a hundred times, don't pinch the diaphram!!!

I have read once or twice that folks trying to access a third jet, what was it the idle jet can do so by (I think) unhooking the airbox and reaching it from there... but I had better find that thread first to make sure WTF I am talkin' about. And besides, changes to the idle jet are not generally considered standard. That brings up a good point: remember to do these thing sequentially, so you know the effect of each mod (both in and of itself and in concert with the other changes you did previously).

Now WTF was the rest of your question? Ah, I have not removed my carb, but creeper has and he told me if you have to you should be able to free it by bending the boot that connects it to the engine (already disconnected from the airbox eh?). Or was it vice versa... But you don't have to move the rear subframe!!!

I have also read of folks having trouble getting the rear subframe back on... I think you will have to have someone help you put it under tension to get it to line up so you can fasten it. But that thread should also be found. Bummer, since you didn't have to do this!

So in conclusion, the standard mods are not a nightmare; they are easy. Not knowing WTF you are doing is a nightmare. I know; I have been there and probably will be there again real soon.
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