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Originally Posted by Sycamore
Maybe the cap is welded there to stop naughty children from making the exhust louder? (We know what the Europeans are like). Perhaps the supertrapp discs lie benenath?
For the benefit of ADVrider I'm willing to cut the cap away & see what's underneath, but I'd require a new Supertrapp as payment for my service to the forum.
Ignore ChrisC, he is awfully crotchety this early in the AM...

I have a stock Supercrapp wasting space in my garage, but it wouldn't be worth the freight to ship it to Dubai. It weights about 16lbs.!

Why not buy an aftermarket can? The one I am currently looking at is the Staintune. Completely mechanical baffles, so there is zero maintenance. They list for a bit over $200 in the USA. You can get their full exhaust for around $600. Folks seem to love them. Staintune is Australian.
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