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Originally Posted by pitbull doug
Thanks meat for the help.

My approach was the same as my 525 loosen intake and airboot tilt carb at 45 or so for a visual of jets, but with 640adv not so due to frame being in the way. So I called mechanic at dealer and asked him and he told to pivot subframe, 1st mistake listening to that advice? I just wanted to see wtf I was doing hence my motive for a visual.

My bikes still in pieces due the fact that I cant get subframe to line up on flanges on main frame right where you bolt next to rubber tank pads on top next to airbox any assistance would be appreciated.It aint easy lining that sob up. Any tricks out there?
There is nothing to see in regards to the jets - did you change the main yet? see how available it is w/out removing the carb (by design...)?

Anyways, here is the thread with some tips on the subframe; worked for one fella:

And here is one discussion of carb tuning that shows the third jet:


Can't find creeper's blurb on removing the carb, but perhaps he will show up before I find it later.
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