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Originally Posted by AndyB
Looking to streamline and condense the clutter on handlebars on my 640A and 400RXC. I saw a much smaller and compact H.L./Blink/Horn switch and kill button/ E.start combo on a 625 supermoto, I think it was. I canít find a parts fische for any of the 640/625s.

Anyone Know of what I speak of?

One reason is on the 640, the stock switch is so bulky that it prohibits using a shorty clutch lever because thereís abit of difference in the bend and wonít clear the switch housing and allow full disengagement.

Also needing the room to add the bar mounted controls for trip master and possibly electric roll chart (planning on riding the trans am trail then hang a left towards Baja) Plus it just looks better.

As for the 400, almost exclusively a dirt bike and only need Hi/Low beam and blink control, no horn and no e.start just need a kill button.

Thanks in Advance guys......,AndyB
"KTM parts" search on Google will return several online parts dealerships that have parts fiche online for your convenience.

I don't know the alternative handlebar assemblies, but I do have a shorty clutch lever on my 03 with stock handlebar assemblies... It's easy, buy nothing. Either have your brother in-law drop the bike on it's port side at a stop light (in his defence it was his first stop on the bike, downhill, and he has never been on such a tall bike ) or cut the stock lever off at the pre groved breakpoint. And then smooth it down.


The tripmaster switch should fit next to the stocker; doesn't the tripmaster switch also advance the roll chart? Maybe not; ask the others what they did to mount a roadbook switch.
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