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Thanks Meat...

Thanks Meat, But...., i did cut a stock lever down but like/want the ball end on 'cause it helps keep my fingers from scooching off And just that extra leverage for my 2 finger style. gonna have a guy heliarc the ball on, just anin't done yet. ...don't know how you could fit any thing else on bar, with the switch and clutch perch, where's the room? it'd have to go on the other side of perch and would think that'd be abit of a stretch. maybe not. ....As far as the tripmaster switch, not real sure about it. i've read about them but haven't really seen one.i know it's an option but i don't even really know where to get one???...the few searches for online parts fisches has turned up nothing for the 640A or 625SMX or Ralleys, will try again. Thanks again,
Damn man! your index is Huge! lotta info there
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