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Tubeless front 21''wheels and TKC-80s

Originally Posted by MortimerSickle
Is this problem peculiar to this particular tire, or are tubeless 21" tires in general bad off-road?
ok guys here's the latest info and best current advice i can give you,,,

first,,i am committed to matching your needs and expectations with what works,,,so that you have a BETTER experience,,

1... since i will only make rims tubeless that have a safety bead on them,,i am left with but one choice in the 21'' configuration,,a Sun 2.15 x21

2... although i have had incredible success with this rim on road bikes using tubeless road tires,,,i have found that using it for dirt has run into two major obstacles,,,the first is that the only tubeless tire available to us is the has proven IMHO to be marginal in meeting the high expectatations set for it....they are flimsy,,super soft and do not have a carcass suitable for plugging and going any distance on your plug,,,which was of course one of our main reasons for attempting this exercise

the second obstacle that has occured is that the Sun 2.15 x21 rim we need to use for the tubeless conversion business is fine for highway and fireroads but NOT as strong as its 1.85 x21 counterparts,,,it actually weighs less than a Sun 1.85x21!!!!,,,,, so for hard-core dual sport enthusiasts like Sakurama and Jean-Luc,,,,both of whom experienced what the outer limits of the TKC-80 tubeless conversion on the Sun 2.15 rims can bring,,,not knowing how tough these guys are on their bikes we did the tubeless thing,,,NOW,,,i am far more adamant about matching what i now know you NEED to get the job done as opposed to what sounds the dream of just plugging your tire and driving on,,,,

in conclusion,,,we currently do not have a matching beefy tubeless rim or tubeless tire worthy of getting the job done,,,,i have retrofitted both riders with the rims they should have had ,,,,had we known all we do right now..

PS...Sakurama...FYI,,funny how the universe works ,,just trued up your nice shiny POWDERCOATED gloss=black hub,,, trick SUPERLACED x3 supersized spokes n nipples on beefy Sun 1.85x21 black anodized awaits a current shipping address...the wheel ya shoulda gotten
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