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Originally Posted by F=ma
Anyone found that unbendable 640 rim? I bent my Behr already. I was told the Behr are quite high end.. Are excel or sun really tougher? I was running 25+ pounds when I bent it... I had the stock front springs in at the time an bottomed out pretty hard. I have since put 5-4s in the front( much happier ), opinions, links? ( I have checked meat's might thread index, maybe I missed it ).
I have read many say (including Woody) the problem with the Behr rims is that they are too wide for any off-road tire to protect. Better for the street but obviously not for off road.

Did you bend it along the edge (minor dinging) or did you bend the F outa it? Pics? Bottomed out makes me guess you bent the whole F'er. Some did say they thought that particular model of Behr was too soft. The Excels and Suns have a great reputation; who knows if they are always better than all Behr models.

I thought the Aussie's enjoyed a recall on the Behr's but that might have been a dream I had once or some internet bull. Check with the Aussie 640a riders.
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