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rim lock clarification and other observations..

Originally Posted by mars
Go with Woody's. Send the wheels to him and get the Excels instead of the Suns. You can't use standard rim locks with the Suns. ...........He was able to use my stock hub and the stock front spokes that look very strong.

Who told you the stock rims were high quality?
FYI,,,there is only one Sun rim that comes in an oddball size...the 2.75'' width....all others are built to WM [wheel manufacturers assoc]standards

Sun doesn't have a 2.5'' wide, however it does have a 3.0''

we have found the source for 2.75 heavy duty rim locks and have 20 in stock....they work great,,,you do need at least 7 oz to counterweight them for road use

people often ask which is ''BETTER'' excel or sun,,,if you are concerned with weight,,,the Excels usually weigh alittle less and are a little less expensive,,,they rely on a 7000 series higher tensile strength alloy and use less of it,,,Suns on the other hand use a 6000 series alloy and are beefier

more often beefier rules in the adventure scene,,,,lighter is essential in supermoto,roadracing,mx

just a point of clarification,,,Behr puts out really nice rims,,,,someone at the factory is specing these rims,,,,Behr builds them to spec,,,,just like DID built rims to honda specs in '84,,,or for KTM in late 90s using too high tensile strength..they all cracked on the lips and nipple holes...

the point being,,,the rim manufacturer gets a bad rap for building what the mc engineers thought they wanted.i routinely use the same rim manufacturers standard/generic product line offered to the public with no negative consequences.

Another point,,at woody's wheel works,,we can build ya wheels on the cheap to save ya money,,i have boxes of oem spokes ,,we can use standard lace patterns,,,new or used rims n stuff,,,whatever your budget and standards allow,,,

HOWEVER,,,as a fellow adventure rider and motorcycle rider/racer i feel compelled to at least inform and offer you a better solution if it is available,,,so you can have more and better options to choose from,,,,there's nothing wrong with a big mac or a whopper but after ya tasted prime rib.......well, you get the drift.
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