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Lucky stars!

Fantastic, useful writeup... and here's a little story as to why:

I am currently on the road from New Delhi, India to Cape Town, South Africa on me KTM 640 ADV '03... after 25 000 kms she was behaving really well - no major problems.

In Cairo I resealed the cylinder head cover (thanks to Creeper's great guide!) and things seemed well set for the final "downhill" stretch to Cape Town... alas, this was not to be...

When I pulled in to Khartoum, Sudan a couple of weeks ago I checked my oil and noticed that I was riding on what can only be described as a "vanilla milkshake" in my oil sump... most, most, most worrying.

Putting two and two together I figured it was the water pump and a seal was shot so I placed a large DHL order to Germany...

Three days ago, there I was sitting staring at the waterpump in my hand, looking at the three or so lines of instructions in the workshop manual thinking to myself: "You are going to F this up big time Pheiffer!"

Not wanting to take any chances, I pinged Creeper for the umpteenth time for a bit of advice and he pointed me in the direction of Anthony's newly posted guide...

I could have cried from relief and joy! After a quick squizz of the content and the photos I realised I was saved... great detail, great photos AND best of all... practical for guys living in a tent in the middle of the Sudan... no fancy 1st world tools needed!

I spent a good 4 hours scrounging around the industrial area looking for the required tools. Sometimes I had to compromise... steel piping standing in for some of the sockets, etc, but in the end I managed to get the pump apart, clean it up and I am in the process of re-assembly (reassembled shaft with bearings in the freezer as we speak )... I am taking my sweet time so as not to screw it up (got only one new set of each component and plenty of time on my visa - barring any wars erupting around me that is)!

Anyway, I thought I would add my thanks to the growing list... great timing Anthony... and if you ever make it to South Africa, drop me a line - I owe you crate of beer at least.


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