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Ok so !!!!!

Thats what I was looking for thanks guys. I want loud and and something thats will get your attention and hold it. If I lived where I did my entire life San Diego then noise and residential areas would make noise a factor. But unfortunately I live in Missouri now and well not to make fun of it but I really could care less if I bother a hillbilly riding there lawnmowers and burning leaves everyday. No good riding nearby that I know of offroad that is, which being of the old Moto-x mindset is all I care about anyways. About all they got thats any fun around here is miles and miles of gravel roads. So loud more power and less weight is all I'm looking for. As for having to tuning mod's I'm really not looking to mess with that. Just bolt on and fly.

That being said will the akro's require any tuning mod's and if not and money isn't a factor which way you go then? Akro's or FMF?

Not that I'm rich or anything like that but when your stuck in the middle of nowhere and have nothing really that you enjoy but your bike why not make it scream? Ya know. Oh and there isn't a dealer within the entire state that services the 950. I went 400 miles in 15 degree weather on it for the 600k serevice and I don't think they did a dam thing besides change the oil and charged me $600!!!!! Didn't even fill it up with oil!!!!! Last time for that crap.

Thanks for all the help guys.


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