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Originally Posted by lofdog1313

Well most will reply that the risers are to weak and give little true help but they did help me some. Not enuf but some I just haven't wanted to go the handle bar changing route till I screwed mine up which will happen sooner or later. I raced pro moto-x way back in the early 70's when 2-3 inch rear travel suspension was the normal and thus you road 99% of the then 40 minute moto's on your feet. That is until you became to tired and your butt finally found the seat at which time you were soon being pounded by rear end bottom outs and more. I'm 6'2" plus and the risers didn't give me enuf to make standing comfortable and new bars would make it better. What I also did was remove the rubber peg insert which lowered the feet some and helped a bit also. My next move was to look for offset pegs which we also used in the old days to move your weight back toward the rear wheel for traction purposes also making the front end lighter which were adjustable in the way you rotate the mounting offset to give you also a height change if you so wanted it. I could not find anything like it and not being a welder or anything like it gave up. With an offset lower and toward rear peg, no rubber slippery insert and bar risers I would have been set. You at 6'5" will have to resort to difdferent bars or a knee operation to reduce your height some.


Thanks for the input I guess we will start with the Bar risers and take it on from there! You're not the first to suggest surgery but it sounds a little drastic!
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