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640Adv FCR Install ???

All right then getting an FCR39,(most riding done in the woods and very tight back roads so going for the grunt the 39 gives)
my last endo from a sputtering blubbering BST from hopping water bars that put me face first into the dirt and busted the bike pretty bad has happened. might still go over bars but not from a sputtering carb i hope.
So looking for the beta from someone who has succesfully installed one on a '02 640Adv. i don't mind the tinkering that might go along with the install, just want to have all the parts on hand to get it done right from the start. i need longer cables? i've read several posts of this being a problem (under bar mounted emig stab. with i think a 1" rise) where do i get them? Motion Pro?
...seems i read in the index that there was a fit problem,... carb hitting the stock pipes??? (stock pipe currently with cored out S.tapp can, but replacing soon, prob. just the can if there is no fit prob. with stock pipe)
... Jetting? i ride 'bout 500'-4500' , and i know this will will change depending on pipe, so what sizes do i start with?
...what about the side cover/snorkel issue(currently, snork in/screened side cover)
..any other install i need to know abouts?...Mucho Thanks in advance..,AndyB
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