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We travel through some more impressive scenery.

And we get to Twyfelfontein lodge

After two dusty days of hard riding, cold beer have been known to cause spontanious bouts of laughter

The view from the bar.

After being suitably invigorated by two or three beers and filling with fuel we hit the road again. Vigorously.

It's past 18:00 already and we have still to cover 150km to our overnight stop at Palmwag. Lucky for us it is good graded gravel like you only find in Namibia. Time for some high speed shenanigans.

I learn something interesting. I try four times to get the 1200 to an indicated 200km/h. Every time at 190km/h the back wheel starts to spin. Very controllable, no sideways movement but it plain refuses to go faster than 190km/h. On the last attempt I keep it spinning for probably 400m. I think there must be some equilibrium between drag from wind resistance and gravity keeping the tyre down.

I stop in front of this formation to wait for the Dakars to catch up. "VREDE" means 'peace'.

As we pull into camp the sun sets.

End of day two and it was a good one.
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