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The next morning we break camp. As you can see it is the dry season. The plan was to knock off daily around 14h00. It turned out however that we generally took of by 07h00 and rode till 18h00.

In the early morning there was just still air. The trailing rider had to keep at least a 5km following distance.

The Himba are nomads who moves after grazing for their cattle. They have shelters like these that they use intermittantly when in the area.

We reach Etanga, a collection of huts, and find that it has a cuca shop. It's still morning, but you never pass up on a cold beer when it's available. Myself and Hennie soaking up some sunshine.

The sun & beer combination makes me feel all affectionate towards my Savannas who have served me so well over several years.

This is the wall on the inside of the cuca shop. The red is the residue of Himba leaning aginst the wall. They rub their bodies with a mixture of Vaseline and red ochre. Not much opportunity for bathing in this area.

We meet this character.

Living as a nomad in a wilderness area takes it's toll. Still, there are no hospitals, running water, motorised transport or even shelter from nature here. Yet people grow to a ripe old age. Makes you wonder about exactly how healthy our western lifestyle is.

We bought him a beer. Figured no harm can be done and looks like his day could do with some brightening up.

Grave sites are scaterred here and there.

The horns are from cattle slaughtered in the deceased's honour at the funeral. Once again, check out the date of birth. No spring chicken.

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