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hey Solo

That first picture/post in this thread looks very like a bike parked in my garage. A guy in Auckland, NZ thought up this mod as far as I am aware. I bought a adapter bracket off him. It was made out of hardened steel and I had it coated. The coating was looking like shit so my neighbour is a tool maker and made me a nice shiny stainless one a few weeks ago.

Numerous guys have done this mod in NZ.

I had this mod on my bike about 6 years.

the old original brake. A more efficent braking system would be to hold ya arms out horizontally, rotate palms forward and cup ya hands. I don't know how many intersections I went past two up cause the brakes didn't work.

This system has caused me no problems, I am still on the original pads i bought which off the top of me head were EBC, FA105 i think. ??? forgot

I ride numerous gravel roads and have never had a scary moment or had the front brake lock. Remember that if you make the brake to efficent in the gravel, you may end up inspecting the road with brake that works to well.

I run Pirelli Scorpion tyres and get about 10-12000kms on a rear and 15000kms on a front. I have never really had a scary moment on these tyres and if you have ridden in NZ trucks love leaving Diesil on the road. I wouldn't use them in situations where mud is abound but gravel is fine.

this old pig has put the frighteners up many sports bikes in the twisty stuff after i have come off a secton of gravel as ya confidence is on a high, when coming back on the seal.


PS. Why clean it it is only gunna get dirty the next time I take it out.

heres a recent ride.
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Cheers Steve

bike = the purple pig
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