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So... at this cuca shop there is this bottle. Copperband be it's name. It's not something we know or have ever come across. It is enticing to Nardus though and we are in a strange country so you have to sample the local brew. (Only 4 months later we find out it is bottled in South Africa and sold in our local bottle store) This turns out to be Mothers Milk (with a capitol M). It tastes like Coke, it goes down smoothly and quickly. No mix needed.

As I said mother's milk and Hennie goes blasting down the track with the saddle bags flapping like some bird in distress. That boy just cannot hold his liquor. The result is that for the next 10 km me and Nardus have to pick up the detritus emanating from his top box. The most painfull salvage is this:

A little wet patch and the remains of the Copperband Rumba.

It was just one of those perfect days and this picture is one of my favourites ever. Me having one of the happiest days of my life.

The day progresses and a lot of distance is covered and alcohol has nothing to do with what happens next. We go down a very rocky downhill and my specially made up heavy duty extra coverage bash plate gets ripped straight off the bike.

To this day I hold a lot of anger towards BMW for an absolutely crap idea to fit straight onto the engine casing with substandard rubber ................. hold it.. try and relax .. focus... not the place and time ... move on , think of peace and tranquility.

So it's fckng close to 40C and all the mounting rubbers are sheared and I'm thinking "fckng german sheisters" and did I mention it's 40C? I don't have spare rubbers (I do now, religiously) and we're at the bottom of an engine casing destroying rocky climb.

Here's the mthrfckng snfbtch bstrd rock still holding it's aluminium trophy.

There's no way I'll get out without totally destroying my engine casing so it's precision engineering Africa style

So what we do is to dispence with the rubbers and fit the bash plate straight onto the casing with bolts. The bashplate is now carried much higher and I feel quite chuffed having outsmarted the german engineer bstrds. I know, you see it coming.. I didn't.

Several hot blasting hours later we crest a hill and cast our eyes on Canaan. Or in this case, Epupa falls. To see paradise in this burnt surrounds almost brought tears to my eyes, except my riding partners would've divorced me if they picked up on that.

Really, this view had a profound effect. Felt it in my intestines. We went down and camped right in between the palms on the right by the main chasm.

And be honest, this is a damn beautiful piece of machinery, isn't it?

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