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Just getting back to this pic.

For those who like to know where they are, this is the Kunene river, the northernmost border of Namibia. The hills in the background are in Angola.

We scheduled a rest day here and find it an excellent place to rest. To the left are the falls. This spot would become quite significant to me before the sun rises again.

We meet Aletta, she is in charge of the camp. She is Herero, the neighbouring tribe to the Himba. She turns out to be wonderful company. Here she is baking bread for us.

A day of tranquility ensues. Hennie enjoys a leisurely patching job.

I take some arty pictures of the stuff that occupies my thoughts.

Nardus takes some arty pictures of the stuff that occupies his mind.

We order some meat to braai from the locals. An unfortunate goat moves on to a higher plain and we have this delivered to us.

The night starts out well with all three of us trying to be the alpha male (Aletta kept us company). We braai goat and we also heat up the Copperband for better effect. This is a little trick I learned whilst in colder climes.

This was a mistake however. The heating part. Also maybe the fact that this was the second bottle for the evening.
Goat meat and Copperband do not compliment each other. I learn that in the dark early morning hours when I try to get rid of both and fall into the river. The rock I had been using to support myself came loose from the riverbank causing me to topple in head first.
We are just about 50m above the main chasm of the falls, the current is pretty damn strong here, also this is a crocodile infested river, my mates are passed out and I'm about to become one of those missing person statistics. I make an underwater turn and grab hold of the palm tree roots that luckily forms part of the bank. I almost rip my nails out pulling myself back up onto dry land. And there I am, still very drunk, the pungent goat meat smell wafting from the fireplace, I'm wet through and trying to deal with the fact that I just cheated death. Next to me Hennie and Nardus are snoring the night away as if nothing life altering had happened.
Suffice to say I won't forget that night easily. Nor will I touch that vile Copperband widowmaker shit again. And goat meat? Forget it, Iv'e had my fill.

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