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Originally Posted by ktm frank
I own a silver 950 2004, in the morning when it is cold and its been sitting there for a while (at least 12 hours) i start the engine let it warm up t'ill i see four bars on the gauge temp. then i put it in gear and let the clutch go and start rolling the sucker tend to stalls and i need to let the clutch slip and its making a enorme teeth grinding noise like metal to metal kind of thing.bougt the beast recently it as 19000 km i think it a very early 2004 like the very first one sold in my province sept 2003,if anyone knows about that feel free to email me need info fast
Sounds like the clutch plates are sticking together. This is a common problem, some people feel it can be caused by certain types of oil. Try holding in the clutch and blipping the throttle a few times, the gradually ease the clutch out. Does this happen only on your intial clutch disingagement, or does it happen even after several starts?
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