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The bad news is I sold my 04 GO!!! (like an idiot)
But the good news is I just bought my buddies Orange S.
So what does that mean. I'll tell you......

My GO! I messed with alot to get the jetting, surging, stalling, EPA, bugs worked out. After many tear downs and rejets I came up with the following. Which is/was seat of the pants dyno testing but after many years of finicking, I feel good about it. And after purchasing this Orange (fast, my ass) bike, I feel even better about my jetting and I am happier with my results.

My GO!!!!! (Fast and beautiful) bike had
Leo Vince X3 exhaust baffles out
Air screws 2.5 turns out.
pilot 42 (stock)
Stock needles middle clip (3)
160 front 165 rear
Air box door mod
No Evap or air injection
Performance to me was perfect!!

This Orange (not as fast or pretty, YET) has
Akra's baffles out
Pilot 3 turns out
Stock needles 3rd clip
Stock mains
Air box mod
No evap or air injection
Performance, felt like it was missing something when you roll it on hard, like a restrictor plate on the intake. Idle'd Ok, but still popped on decel, not bad. I like my Leo's sound better without baffles (Leo's have a deeper sound without the baffles)
So I increased the main's one size and brought the air screw back down to 2.5
Ran much, much better. But the interesting part is to me it feels just as fast with the baffles in. So after many months and miles, with a loud 950. I have a quiet fast (not beautiful, yet) Orange 950 with 3000 miles.
I will transfer this Orange beast into something better than my GO!!!! because I am so dissapointed that I let her GO!!!! but that's life. This baby was actually a Non "S" converted to an "S" by Z racing, in Anaheim. When he converted it, he stiffened up the suspension a little. It is defenetly noticable on the hwy but feels was more flickable. My Go!! felt heavier because of the mushy suspension. the front end doesn't dive much at all when braking hard. I really can't wait to romp this one in the dirt. Z racing did a nice job on the suspension.
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