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Wonderful Bike

I had one for years----it was a great bike that will take you most anywhere.

Of course it's old school and newer offroad dualsports have better everything. It's still a great bike and the stock gearing will really let it motor down the road with ease.

It's 6 volt-----it has a battery but if it's dead the thing will still run and the headlight will work as the headlight is not powered by the battery---it runs right off the stator on it's own winding.----Pretty neat--why don't they still do that ???

When it's not running and you turn on the key---the headlight doesn't light.

I wish all bikes would run with a dead battery----my KLR, DRZ and Husky 610 will as with most offroad bikes. But the bigger bikes won't ----especially the fuel injected ones.
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