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We again pass through the rocky hills where my bashplate was ripped off before. Now, I have to be extra carefull and the going is slow. One more hit and that casing will break properly.

We reach Van Zyl's pass and the going is getting more difficult. Hennie fell at the exact spot where I am In this next pic. I should've taken a pic but the bike landed on his leg, and the decent bloke that I am , I instead lifted the bike to free him. Prime leg-breaking situation.

Halfway down the pass there is a viewpoint.

Down below lies the Marienfluss. We will shortly be riding down there.

In 1995 this is where we turned around; I get to finish what I started. It feels good.

Down below the pass continues. It's almost impossible to take a mediocre photo in Namibia.

A happy chappie at the bottom.

Having spent four hours in the riverbed from hell, we ran out of daylight. We still had some way to go as we wanted to move up the Marienfluss to reach the Kunene river again. So, sorry no pics, we were making time.

When we get to Camp Syncro on the Kunene just after dark we cannot help ourselves and we jump and roll around like children on the soft cool green little patch of lawn. The staff looks on in amazement. Here's the lawn.

That concludes day 6.
Definately the hardest day, also the low point of the trip, (what with the sump problem and all), still, an excellent day's memories, good riding, natural beauty, some personal growth, the good feeling of having accomplished what you set out to do and an amazing experience.
There's a saying: 'a bad day's fishing still beats a good day at the office'; I say, there's no such thing as a bad day's riding.
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