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We leave Camp Syncro and travel back into the fluss. The cool early morning air has the sand packed nice and tight. I'm wondering for the umpteenth time whether this trip can possibly get any better.

Our first destination for the day is Rooidrom (red drum). Marked on all detailed maps for decades, it is still just that: a red 44gal drum. I'm sure many people have come here before expecting a town.... must have been a shock.

Our next stop is Orupembe. This is it.

We travel through the most desolate areas imaginable, hour after hour and not a single person, goat, cow or any sign that the area is inhabited.

I again get the feeling that we are exploring another planet.

When we reach the Hoarusib river, we stop for coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, preferring beer or water, and I just don't get why one would want to drink something hot in the middle of a sweltering desert day.

In these dry areas life converges on the rivers, we immediately see elephant spoor as we hit the dreaded dry riverbed again. It also blows my mind when I see that people are scratching a living from this barren earth. Look closely, someone saw fit to settle here.

And we see some giraffe. They are a bit wary and I'm not surprised, not much place to hide out here.

These on the other hand are not wary at all.

These are desert elephant. They are remarkable in that they are the only elephant who chooses to stay in the desert. They also behave uniquely in that they will never uproot a tree. They only pick branches off and will not waste any part that they can eat. Some cognative and deductive brain activity?

We camp by the river for the night, tomorrow is my birthday.

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