Thread: Valve job tips?
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Valve job tips?

Thanks to the knowledge here, I am about to undertake the valves on the 950 for the first time. I read the valve threads over many times and have printed out copies for reference. I have purchased the locking bolt, have the time and inclination. Monday is the day w/ tues as a backup.

I have become proficient at undressing the old girl, just have a few questions before I begin. I will be assembling a photo shoot after I have completed the job for those to follow.
  • Can I do both heads at once? My shim source is over an hour away, they will do exchanges, however if an out of spec valve will work on the other head, that would save time and money. Sorry if this is a basic question, first timer. When I say at once, I realize the motor will need to be set at TDC for each cyl. Yay or nay?
  • I'm planning on the magnet shim/bucket trick.
  • I have lapping tools if shims are slightly out.
  • Any other tips and suggestions before I get underway?
Wish me luck.
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