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Originally Posted by
Forget about buying shims----why you ask ????

You can use the old ones and sand them down with something gritty--I started with a diamond knife sharpener---but ended up ending with a very fine stone on my grinder. You can pretty much bet all will need to be thinner.

The advantages ??
1. You won't have to go anywhere to get the ones you need.
2 If you bought new ones--you may find there not just right and have to go back for more--and you can't adjust the clearances exactly the way you want---you can just get close.
3. No cost to you.
4. You can get the clearances exactly what you want---------I always go to the maximum clearance recommendation so as to prolong further valve clearance checkings or adjustments.

I simply measure the clearance---figured out how much thinner a shim I needed----took the old one out---measure it with a caliper and sanded it down to the thickness needed--checking with the caliper---put the shims back in------everything was perfect------perfect is adequate !!!!

The cams don't rub the shims---you are not degrading the metal of the shim.

Take your time---it's an all day job.

If you get frustrated----quit--take a break--come back the next day if necessary.

Drop a part down the motor ??? slit your throat with one of those Rambo knives.

Thanks. I plan on reusing shims to correct other valves. A musical chairs of shims if you will. It would be great if I could have them all out at the same time, mic 'em, and swap around until I got it all right. What are the chances I can reuse every single one??? Slim as a shim methinks.

I plan on reusing as many as possible and swap out those I can't find a home for. My point in the original post was to find out if I need to put the front head back together before tackling the rear i.e open up 4 new possible canidates for musical shims.

EDIT: Just reread your post. Likely that all shims will be thinner? Can I get a comeback on that? That would be good news. I have float glass and honing compunds for my Japanese chisels if I get really anal.

Oh, and I prefer a 12" Nailcutter blade in the Sawzall. That jagged wound seems to get the job done faster. Plus chicks dig scars.
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