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I must say again this is the kind of a write-up that keeps me coming back to this site time after time, after time, after. . . The pictures, while great, I am sure do not do the justice to the countryside. As for skipping the narratives to the next post: not a fucking chance in hell. The friendship you spoke of is a rare thing and one should count him/her self lucky to experience it. As you said, this sort of thing can be only forged by sharing all the good and the bad that the life dishes out. Being on the road together only strengthens the bond and makes you want to go further and push harder than you ever would on your own, simply because you know that when shit hits the fan theyíll put their ass in the sling to cover yours. I count myself lucky. While I do enjoy long range solo patrols for cold beer and hot women, when solitude allows me to think about all kinds of shit and ponder the meaning of life, I know a few individuals that I wouldnít hesitate to go to end of the world with if the opportunity would present itself (right duct tape boy?). I had a taste of the desert in the American south-west and got hooked on it. Growing I spend time on the Baltic coast and hiking over parts of the Carpathian Mountains, but always wanted to do Africa on the motorbike (even before I was old enough to ride), so I canít get enough of the scenery in your photos. By all means post more, as Iím willing to bet vital parts of my anatomy that others canít wait for more as well. Some ride reports have great pix, some have great write-ups, some touch the subject on much deeper level; yours nails it all.

Thanx for taking us along for this ride.

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