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For each new bike purchase I go to the local Lowes or Home Depot and buy the basics.

(I am sure I will forget something here)

Multi purpose 4 in one screw driver.
Plier set: needle nose, small pliers and small wire cutters.
Zip ties.
Metric or SAE wrenches, low or medium grade. (this is a road side repair kit, why drop the big bucks when you got those at home, I only need in once)
Torx drivers as needed
Allen wrenches.
Can of spray paint that closely matches your bike. Close is good enough.

I start on the front of the bike and tighten EVERY nut, bolt, screw and fastener. This builds confidence and lets you learn the bike. As I use a tool I set it aside. Tools I do not use I add to my junk drawer. After I am through I add some paint to the tools that are going to stay with the bike and be bike specific. WHY carry shit you do not need and does not fit your bike?

I also keep a note pad close by for notes of specific tools I did not get on my first run, ie: nut drivers, maybe a few sockets and cheapo ratchet.

I add tire tools, patch or plug kit, a few wire connectors. I also wrap a few tools in electrical tape and duct tape (way carry the whole roll??)

A few years ago I started adding an LED headlamp and some extra AA batteries (midnight repairs suck)
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