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Ok, here we are back again.

As mentioned before (or was it elsewhere) the little french village Castellane is one of my favourite places since many years. I can exactly explain the reason for that. The village is very small, thereís not much to see and do, anyway I like the place very much.
I remember that this place was the first place to stay outside of Spain when we did our Iberian loop back in 2004. 6 weeks of experience with proud, most of the time unfriendly and cold-distanced Spanish hotel-stuff... Might be that the nice "what can I do for you my friend" at the hotel-desk gave me a more friendly impression that it would have done coming from an other side.
How ever, of course I do have made great experiences too with the local f&b-industry and the fact, that each time I was there the sun was shining might have done the rest to make the place simply "a great place to be". By the way also the fact that at this place meeting several famous and very popular motorcycling-roads does for sure not disturb this impression at all.

The following morning promises allot (as btw every moring does, especially if itís a sunny one)! The peaks of the surrounding hills infront of my hotelroom-window seem to burn in the sun, only the haze of the morning which still remains at the canyonís entry keeps me from starting the engine allready at 7pm.
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