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This ist the most western point of my loop. Iím heading back east on the D19/GR99, all along the southrim of the Canyon and the lookouts, scenery and roads confirm most clearly, that this is for sure MUST number 6 for every humand with a motorbikers heart beating in his chest.Ö. Thatís the reason why Iím discovering the world by motorbike!

The D19, the hat brim on the Grand Canyon de Verdonís southern rim.

Meanwhile the sun warmed up the day and the yet narrow curves around the GCdV slowly change into wider, great prepaired bows. The trip between Comps and Logis du Pins is another dream from which I only awake at the time Iím reaching Nice and itís monster-traffic.

Still having the lonely roads in mind, Iím strolling along the harbour of Nice and try to find out whether I might exchange my goat for on pot like that. Ö.

Well, not that I want to place to fast and thoughtless a too motorcyclist-proud ĄÖnever ever!". But Iím sure that this pot would have to be REAL big, equiped with sufficient stuff for all kind of Ąjobs" and finally would have to be exchanged back again immediately for my loved goat!...

For sure not necessairy to explain that I canít find an affordable place to stay for the night in the City of the rich, beauty and famouse. Who cares! Iím anyway still too horney for motorcycling and who anyway Stopps his tour at 3pm just because he reached his destination for the day.

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