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The owner of the place is two heads smaller than me and her voice is two octaves deeper than mine.
„What’s for dinner you want to know …!?" She looks busy-contemptuous to me in my flashy bikers gear while she’s placing huge plates, no, better said, bowls of Gnioggi and Pasta onto the table in front of a couple of customers.
"Go, get yourself clean and don’t dawdle too long.." was the answer I get. Well, who could resist these kind of unmistakable and clear stated whishes….?!

It happens later, that at this glory day in the fall 2005 i’ve not only had one of the most beautiful motorcycle rides in my long bikers-life, but also eat the best Spaghetti-Vongole after prior to that I eat the best Tagliatelle of my life ever and right before I put the most delicious wild boar I’ve had ever right on top of it.
To keep company I’m mixing all these delicacy properly with a bottle of the vino de la casa which finally explains for sure why I’m falling to sleep right before my ear’s touching the pillow.
The dismissal on the other morning is most hearty, all the family’s helping me saddle up and I promise to come back very very soon.

The detailed study of the map shows, that there’d be plenty of fire-roads to be discovered here. Later, while writing down the trip, I shall figure out, that there is an access to the legendary „Ligurian Boundary Road" maybe one of the last REAL adventures one can have around here. How ever, I safe this trip for another occasion.

Instead I’m taking the „difficult to pass"-marked SP17 towards Pieve di Teco.
The landscape showing the same picture as yesterday. It is a scenery that is giving the traveler this certain feeling of peace and freedom. Forrest, hills, breathtaking views over and over

Just somewhere here, up on one of the plenty nameless colles I meet Luigi. Luigi is retired and now passionately is going about his hobby; Castels and older buildings. He’s not keen on all these famous, popular places like Carcasonne in France or Indias big castle, the city of Jaipur. Also „Schloss Neuschwanstein" doesn’t really find his deepest interest too. No, Luigi is most keen on the small, almost unknown little castels which neither have had huge political or strategic value nor represents some great architectonical value.
Unfortunately I didn’t work my way much more deep into his preferences. The reason for that clearly is my poor Italian knowledge on one, but completely inexistent foreign language knowledge of Luigi on the other hand.

How ever, we agree meeting in one of the next villages. There, as Luigi reports, right next to the church shall be found one of these buildings. Additionaly, as Luigi knows too, shall there be one Taverne right next door which is offering the very best Piati di Giorno all around northern Italy. Well, after yesterday’s supper, I have quiet some claims on quality food….

So it comes, that I’m enjoying one piati di Giorno together with Luigi, the Honda CBR-rider and passionated rock-pile-freak in a nameless village right next to a nameless building out of the late 16. Century. Further it comes that we are communicating more than 2 hours although we’re not speaking the same language and on top of all the pensioner from Asti can not be talked out to invite me for the unbelievable dinner.

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