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My journey brings me more east again. All the way through idyllic little villages in each one one wants to stop on the small piazza and just get in harmony with slow and relaxed beating the puls of this places where the time seem to stand still at least since 50 years.


My next break is in Pieve di Teco. Iím satisfying my coffee-addiction in a cosie place right at the village-entry. Ralf, a German family man is speaking to me right as Iím emptying my cup. Quiet some years ago heís emigrated and now living here a "way better life". In my inborn sceptical way against all German kindness and offers for brothership I first gratefully but firmly refuse his offer to show me some great roads on the map. Truly German as he will be even after 100yrs staying in Italy, he canít accept my refuse, much more he, as a profound connoisseur of the area, insists that Iím trying out his "me-loop" at least.
In the end my curiosity is anyway more strong than my inborn urge for Swiss punctuality and Iím happy to report, that the decision is a good one!

The loop goes gain more to the north; Aquetico, Ponti, Pian die Prati, Colla S. Bernardo, Nava und zurŁck nach Pieve di Teco.

And indeed, how could it have been else; The loop is worth each minute and mile. Obviously itís a popular motorcyclistís area here as I meet plenty more of them than I did all the many miles before. This loop all through woods and along little creeks finally strengthís my intention to come back to this place as soon as ever possible.

Itís getting late. Iím supposed to pick up the tickets for the vessel from Genua to Corsica at the counter in Genua. As Iíve never been in Genua before and as everybody knows that Italian Citys are pure horror regarding traffic, I decide to head toward that obligation I have.

Again the Autobahn does best service to me and brings me in shortest time right to the gates of Genua.

Thereís a room-reservation already at a hotel next to the station and at 2am Iím expecting my girl to arrive with the night-train from Zuerich right in the arrival hall. Having her luggage roll under her one arm, lots of stuff in her hands and the heavy shoes on her feet sheís showing up in the crowd of foreign workers coming home for some days being with their familys. And while Iím standing there Iím allready looking forward to the second part of this trip to be started tomorrow in the mist of the morning and which will be somewhen reported here under the titel "The Corse-Loop" or "Cooltourix in Corsica"!

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