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Originally Posted by ADVposer
High beam switch
Fuel Pump
Fuel gauge

I hope that's the unholy trinity for early run R12GS's 'cause mines been in the shop for all three. ...
It is not,
This is the lucky situation and mine one was not that..

2 times replaced gearbox

last part of te cardan transmission

2 driver saddles replaced

oil leaking from gearbox and cardan several times, sealing rings replaced.

Right now on 45000 KM ABS giwing random problems (not because of the sensor) after passing the check , just start engine and it is giving an error and SERVO pump working without tuching brake clutch. Seems on other forums all ABS system is to be replaced...

Had some valves problems (replaced part that pushing the valve)
appologize for my poor english

Ignition key replaced

Replaced the metallic cover (the big on the front) that protects the alternator belt

Have some problem on the left stand switch..

right heated clutch , replaced because burned

bearing replaced because broken (the one at the end of the Paralever before the transmission on the wheel)

So...for me the situation "Pump, Gauge , Switch" could be extremely fascinating :)

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