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Originally Posted by demononthebrakes
Creeper I am honored to have you as the second poster in this thread. Hopefully it will get many posts and merit graduation into the 640 threads compilation thread.
Nice bikes there fellas! Laramie I still feel your engine work pain from KTMTalk.
Creeper is 8666 really that much difference?
Maybe after you get 20 or 30 bikes, you can take all the raw data and crunch it into a single or multiple average figures and information, based on as yet to be determined factors.

Lots of variables, use, country, typical terrain, owner serviced or dealer serviced (that might be a good one to add to the questions), frequency of riding, frequency of cleaning, rider skills on a 1-10 scale - one being less than a year total riding skill/experience (two different things really), 10 being a current or ex-amateur or better racer. Age of rider ah... shit, I could go on like this forever.

I bet after you get enough data, you will be able to see several trends.

This may actually turn into a valuable thread for potential buyers and maybe owners as well. Good idea.

So... how's tricks?
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