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Joined: Aug 2004
Location: Sea-level
Oddometer: 4,706
1. KTM 640 LC4
2. 1999
3. Used w/ 3500 miles
4. 15,300 miles
5. Modifications done: HSR42 carb, IDS2 silencer, Emig stabilizer, Tornado G1 camshaft.
6. Mechanical work done: Wheel bearings, cam bearings, clutch, sprockets, speedo cable.
7. Upgrades done: 18L tank, Rallye foot pegs, airbox.
8. Current tires on the bike: Michelin Desert front, Teraflex rear
9. Percentage of road versus dirt use: 70/30
10. Would you buy another one?: Yes
11. Did you replace the main shaft bearing (if applicable): Yes, immediately
12. Pic of the bike if available:

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